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We are glad you are here! We offer a large collection of materials to help you with school. Don’t forget that our library also offers a huge variety of free downloads, including music, movies, and apps for your smartphone. Ready to explore the TeenZone for yourself? Let’s get started.

The Teen Advisory Board

The Hamilton Easy Public Library TeenZone is all about… teens! That means that it’s important to our team to get the opinions of local teens about the library’s programs and services. We have an awesome crew of energetic teens that are helping us make our TeenZone a better place to be! Interested in joining?

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Upcoming Events

  • 25 Sep
    Hamiltunes Sing-a-Long

    Hamiltunes, an officially licensed sing-a-long program, is coming to Hamilton East Public Library in Fishers! We'll play the instrumental version of popular songs from the Broadway hit Hamilton and the audience can sing along. Don't throw away your shot to...

  • 26 Sep
    IGNITE STUDIO Laser Engraver Certification Class

    Become certified to use the Laser Engraver in our brand new Ignite Studio!  Reservations to use the equipment are contingent on the completion of this certification course.  The course covers safety guidelines, a brief introduction to RDWorks design software, and...

  • 27 Sep
    Maker-in-Residence: Open Studio Wood Carving

    Join Ignite Studio's Maker-in-Residence, Geoff Davis, for an interactive wood carving demonstration.  Learn about the art of hand wood carving while you try your hand with the tools and investigate the process at various stages.  For ages 13 and up.

  • 27 Sep
    Maker-in-Residence: Bird Carving Class

    Join Ignite Studio's Maker-in-Residence, Geoff Davis, for an introductory experience to wood carving.  Students will learn the rudiments of wood carving by whittling a simple bird project.  This experience is for ages 13 and up.  Space is limited so registration...

Meet The Teen Team

Lori Holewinski

Noblesville Youth Services Manager

Lori HolewinskiLori began working at the Hamilton East Public Library in January 1994. Lori chose to work in Youth Services because she wanted to be part of providing children a place to learn, grow and engage with their community. “I love to watch children and their families enjoying the space, getting excited about books and ideas and having fun at programs.”

Favorite Book: Little Women, Louisa May Alcott

Super Power Of Choice: The ability to fly.

When I dance, I look like: I am extremely uncoordinated – however, I love to do it anyway!

If I were an animal, I would be: A horse because they are beautiful and peaceful.

Emily Burton

Fishers Youth Services Manager

Emily began working at Hamilton East Public Library in April of 2017. As a librarian, she enjoys the whimsy of working with children. Engaging with their families to promote literacy and to build a better community is the most fulfilling aspect of being a Children’s Librarian. She plays ukulele and loves to sing but she mostly likes doing silly things that make people laugh.

Favorite Book: The Invention of Hugo Cabret, Brian Selznick

Super Power Of Choice:Time travel.

When I dance, I look like:…no one is watching.

If I were an animal, I would be: A muskox because they look like something out of Nordic mythology and their thick fur keeps them warm even in the coldest temperatures.

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