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We are glad you are here! We offer a large collection of materials to help you with school. Don’t forget that our library also offers a huge variety of free downloads, including music, movies, and apps for your smartphone. Ready to explore the TeenZone for yourself? Let’s get started.

The Teen Advisory Board

The Hamilton Easy Public Library TeenZone is all about… teens! That means that it’s important to our team to get the opinions of local teens about the library’s programs and services. We have an awesome crew of energetic teens that are helping us make our TeenZone a better place to be! Interested in joining?

Top Staff Pick

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 

By: HEPL Staff

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl By: Ryan North, drawn by Erica Henderson Who has the ability to tackle computer science courses, talk to squirrels and defeat Dr. Doom all in a single day? She eats nuts and kicks butts! She’s… Squirrel Girl! Doreen Green is a…

Upcoming Events

  • 16 Aug
    Write On! Teen Creative Writing Workshop (grades 6-12)

    Do you enjoy writing? Have a poem or short story you'd like to finish? If you love writing, and are in grades 6-12, please join us as we perfect our writing skills. The workshop is held on the third Wednesday...

  • 18 Aug
    Superhero Convention Murder Mystery

    Join us for the first ever Superhero Peace Convention where one of the supervillians has been found murdered!  The world's hope for peace is shattered and it's up to the Superheroes and their villianous enemies to figure out who the...

  • 19 Aug
    Fishers Anime Club

    Calling all anime fans! The Fishers Library is your headquarters for all things anime. Come check out your favorite shows as we watch select titles featured on Crunchyroll.com. Don't miss out on this awesome TEEN program. Snacks & light refreshments...

  • 21 Aug
    The Novel Teens

    A new teen book discussion group focusing on popular Young Adult novels. We meet every other month for casual conversation and free snacks. Books for the next meeting are chosen by vote at each meeting and will be made available...

Meet The Teen Team

Lori Holewinski

Noblesville Youth Services Manager

Lori HolewinskiLori began working at the Hamilton East Public Library in January 1994. Lori chose to work in Youth Services because she wanted to be part of providing children a place to learn, grow and engage with their community. “I love to watch children and their families enjoying the space, getting excited about books and ideas and having fun at programs.”

Favorite Book: Little Women, Louisa May Alcott

Super Power Of Choice: The ability to fly.

When I dance, I look like: I am extremely uncoordinated – however, I love to do it anyway!

If I were an animal, I would be: A horse because they are beautiful and peaceful.

Melissa Dragoo

Fishers Youth Services Manager

Melissa DragooMelissa joined the Hamilton East Public Library in 2008. She has always loved working with children and teens. By chance, she ended up at the Hamilton East Public Library and never looked back. “I love working with the families who come to our library.” Melissa’s favorite part of her job is matching a reader to the perfect book and hearing all the cute things kids say.

Favorite Book: Anne of Green Gables, L.M. Montgomery

Super Power Of Choice: To control the weather, like Storm from X-Men.

When I dance, I look like: A unicorn that just spotted a rainbow.

If I were an animal, I would be: A cheetah because they are the fastest animals in the world.

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