Buy It Now!

Buy It Now!Can’t wait any longer to get your hands on the latest bestseller? Or just want to purchase an item for your home library?  Our new “Buy it Now” option makes it convenient for library users to purchase an book, CD, DVD and more, all while giving back to the library.

While we strive to offer the materials that our patrons want, and provide sufficient quantities to meet the demand, we recognize that some of our more enthusiastic users would simply rather own their own copies.  The “Buy it Now” link helps make it easier! Let’s say you look up a new release in our catalog and it has 15+ holds, you’ll be able to select “Buy It Now” on the right instead of “Place Hold,” if you want.

Each time you shop through HEPL’s “Buy it Now” link you will be directed to, where you can complete your purchase – books, music, downloads, and even household items – and a percentage of your purchase will benefit your library.

Be sure to bookmark this Amazon page for any future purchases, even if they aren’t books!